washing machine Repair

Washing Machine repair

Repair and Service

Al Sammak Appliances Repair has been providing All Type Home appliances repair such as washing machine repair services in Dubai, for a number of years now. We are a team of certified professionals skilled in major brand washer repair services. Our factory skilled technicians will make your faulty washer dryer repair quickly and you will be back to do your laundry.

Dishwasher Repair

Al Sammak Appliances Repair offers certified on-time and competent Dishwasher repair services. We have a fully stocked van with all the necessary repairing equipment at your home. We provide excellent dishwasher repair services and ensure your Dishwasher

Dryer Repair

Our technicians are fully certified and equipped to repair all major clothes dryer brands and types. Whether your clothes dryer is noisy, not heating, not turning or there’s an electrical fault, we guarantee clothes dryer tradesmen will diagnose and fix your tumble dryer issue as efficiently as possible.

Fridge Repair

The refrigerator is one of the compulsory items in your house. In case, it is not working

properly, it will essentially disrupt all your home tasks. An out of order Freezer/Fridge

also adds to your utility bills though it is very easy to get professional refrigerator

repair services just like any other professional.

Gas Cooker repair / Electric Cooker repair

Having a Cooker that is faulty, is not only a big disruption to your everyday household activities, but it is also potentially a very dangerous appliance to have in your home if it is not operating correctly. Where gas is used for appliances such as gas cookers.

Micro Oven/Electric Oven

Our oven repair professionals have years of experience for providing excellent services to the popular cooking oven, ranges, gas oven, and such other kitchen appliances brands in Dubai, UAE. We provide top quality Repair services in line ovens and cooking ranges no matter what

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